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 Dear visitor.


Here you will find out more about our czech based company and what we are working with.

Farma Lico s.r.o is a company that started in the small, but as in now are working with farm projects all over Czech Republic. 

Recently we moved our administration and staff members  to a originally Czech built farmers house, that we are now now in the process of renovating. Our new location is now just outside a town named Humpolec, its in the district of Vysočina and its on the middle  of dálnice D1 that connects the two biggest city in Czech Republic.

Our vison is to now renovate the farm to be fully functional, but still have the felling of a old czech originall farm house.

As we can see some of our visions are allready comming through as we just are in the process of getting our own beehives that will produce our own natural honey.





With best regards

Farma Lico S.r.